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Basement Renovations in Edmonton – Four Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make

Basement renovations in Edmonton are a great option for creating new, vibrant spaces in your house. The overall benefit is increased usability and property value whether you want more living space, more storage space, or extra income from a rental suite.

However, there are four common mistakes made in basement renovations in Edmonton due to our location and temperature variances.

#1 Previous Water Issues

Edmonton has many areas that have high water tables. Basements are already known for moisture issues but it can be made far worse by neighbourhoods with poor natural drainage. As well, some soil composition can saturate quickly adding to increased flooding possibilities. 

There have been many stories of Edmonton basement flooding nightmares. Renovation investments that have been ruined from heavy rainfall even if there is no history of flooding issues. To avoid these issues, work with a professional renovation company like Four Elements Construction.  Our experts are trained to identify and find solutions to potential water problems before beginning any new basement renovation project. Some solutions include ensuring that proper drainage, waterproofed foundations, weeping tile and a sump pump system are in place.

#2 Not Getting the Insulation and Vapour Barrier Right

Basement insulation performs two important tasks: keeping your basement warm and keeping walls dry.

Using the wrong insulation could mean less energy efficiency and higher energy costs. An imperfect vapour barrier installation can lead to moisture problems like mold and mildew. 

Having a professional determine the right insulation and deliver proper vapour barrier installation can save a lot of headaches, money, and time in the future.

Learn more about basement insulation.

#3 Not Heating Your Basement Evenly

Basements don’t have to be chilly. However, poor planning could mean a beautiful basement with strategically placed space heaters to keep it evenly warm. Edmonton winters can be cold. You wouldn’t want to avoid using your investment during the coldest months because of uneven heating.

Four Elements Construction can help assess your basement’s heating and venting system. This may mean retrofitting your HVAC infrastructure with properly placed heat vents and cold air returns. This will ensure your heat is evenly distributed to the largest and smallest rooms in your basement.

#4 Missing out on Natural Light

Getting natural light in your basement is an important part of  making it a desirable and useable space. Well-placed windows can make your basement bright and warm in in the right places at the right time of day. Older, smaller windows can be replaced with larger, modern windows.

Window wells can be expanded to allow more sunlight into your new basement. Basement bedroom windows also need to meet minimum requirements to allow for proper egress when applying for a development permit. The outcome is more natural light, improved safety, and a space that is more desirable to be in.

We can help

Four Elements Construction can help. Avoid these pitfalls, and enjoy a bright, warm and dry basement that will be a centerpiece of your home.

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