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Bathrooms renovations are important to consider if you are selling your house. They are the second most looked-at rooms (after kitchens) for potential homebuyers. There are several things to consider when renovating a bathroom to ensure good value for your money while creating an attractive space in your home.

Four Elements Construction has the expertise and experience to maximize the potential of this important space in your house. Whether you want to add a bathroom or upgrade the bathrooms you already have, here are some key considerations to make your house even more attractive when you are ready to sell.

1) Midrange bathroom renovations have good return on investment

Renovating a bathroom for resale means creating a functional, modern, and visually appealing space. It’s important to understand that upscale, luxury renovations do not have as good of a return-on-investment compared to a midrange bathroom remodel. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report for 2020, a midrange bathroom renovation can recover 64% of its cost at resale. Compare that with an upscale bathroom remodel, which will only recoup 54.7%, and it becomes clear that less is more.

So, what is involved in midrange bathroom renovations in Edmonton? Options include updating:

  • fixtures and faucets
  • the countertop and sink
  • tile flooring
  • the walls with a fresh coat of paint.

Of course, if you are planning on enjoying your house for a while before you sell, a luxury bathroom is a fine option. But if you’re renovating to attract buyers and get a better return on investment, these are smart and simple upgrades that make a more affordable difference.

2) Don’t move the existing plumbing

Installing or retrofitting plumbing is a major expense in bathroom renovations. Leaving the fixtures where they are in your current bathroom layout will make a dramatic and positive impact to your ROI. Moving a shower or toilet will require several trades and take a long time to do.

Keep your costs down by working with your current layout so you can see more money come back to you when you sell.

3) Renovate to appeal to the majority of homebuyers

If you’re renovating to sell, you want your bathroom to be appealing to the highest number of people. Bold colours or patterned wallpaper may have a negative impact on a potential buyer because of a difference in aesthetic preference.

Keep your finish choices neutral and light like white, beige, and grey. Light colours will make the bathroom feel larger, fresher, and appealing. Stylish and personalized accents can still be achieved with accessories like a trendy shower curtain, towels, and unique hardware. These are all low-cost modifications for both the seller and the buyer and are not a barrier-to-purchase.

4) Get advice from an expert

Edmonton bathroom renovations don’t have to be costly to ensure quality and appearance. Four Elements Construction has the expertise and experience to provide sound bathroom renovation advice that aligns with your goals. Knowing the latest trends that are popular among home buyers and owners, as well as understanding which materials are most cost-effective, will provide the best outcomes that deliver high return-on-investments.

Contact Four Elements Construction for your Edmonton bathroom renovation!

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