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Basement renovations


Basement renovations in Edmonton and surrounding area can provide a space that aligns with your lifestyle and needs. Turn that forgotten basement space into a place where you get to relax and recharge. Whether your basement is in need of updating or simply unfinished, here are some ideas to bring it to life.

#1 Home Theatre
four elements basement renovation theatre

You can forget about the people talking during the movie, the illuminated cellphones, and the costs associated with going to see your favorite movie on the big screen.  Imagine having a high-tech home theatre in your own home complete with a giant screen, a hi-resolution projector, theatre surround sound, and raised seating. Every night can be movie night, and you can hit the pause button for more popcorn, or a bio-break.

If space is an issue, dial it back with a big screen TV and surround sound to create an enjoyable multi-media room.  Flush wall-mount speakers can free up space and give a look of elegance without sacrificing amazing sound.

Either option creates a beautiful room to relax and spend time with the whole family while adding value to your property too.

#2 The Hobby/ Entertainment Cave
basement renovation - entertainment

Having a space that showcases the things you love is very trendy right now. A personalized retreat can still be used by the entire family. It can be a place to watch sports or movies, decorated with the family’s favourite sport’s team, or something else like a basement bar, games room, TV room, or billiards room. Check out these cool hobby/ entertainment cave ideas.

#3 Fitness Room

Some people find it challenging to make their way to the gym.  It can be packed with people, far away, or an added cost that provides little value for money.  A great solution is to create a basement home fitness space.

It’s a convenient and motivating option for those who want access to a gym without having to carve out valuable time to commit to a drive. Home fitness rooms can range from the humble to the extravagant, but both can provide a space that fits your fitness and aesthetic needs in your home.

Do your research. Knowing what kind of activities you want to pursue, whether it’s weights, cardio or a combination of the two, will help you decide what kind of room design fits your fitness needs.

#4 Artist Studio

Having a creative space to work on the things that bring added joy to your life is an excellent option for a basement renovation. It used to be that only those single-person hobbies like painting, wood working, ceramics or photography could fit into a basement space. But with modern technology, modest spaces can become complete production studios for music and videography. Whatever your hobby or artistic discipline, having a space available when inspiration strikes, is an amazing addition to your life and home. An experienced contractor can help you design a space that meets your needs, whether it’s the right lighting, proper ventilation or any other requirements needed for you to create!

Get started on your basement lifestyle vision by contacting Four Elements Construction.

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