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Edmonton general contractors who have a well-earned reputation and proven experience, are worth the investment whether you are working on a major home renovation or building an infill home. Projects like these have many stages and are a complicated process to manage well. They take time and careful consideration to ensure your building project doesn’t fall short of success.

What does a professional general contractor do?
Edmonton General Contractors - Experienced

Edmonton general contractors will manage every stage of your home remodel or home building project. They can help with the design stage ensuring your floor plans and selections meet your needs and expectations. They will select, manage, and schedule all subcontractors working on the project, making sure quality and timelines are maintained.

Sometimes challenges do arise, and a seasoned general contractor will possess the experience and expertise to resolve the problem quickly, and at minimal cost or impact to the project. Expert project managers ensure your project runs smoothly and provide insights into how you can optimize your return on investment.

How can a general contractor reduce costs?
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Edmonton general contractors that have a proven record of delivering well-managed projects will have the knowledge and experience to plan and complete the project in the most efficient manner, without missing a step. Unlike DIY renovations, a professional will avoid missteps that cost time and money because of mistakes, code issues and inexperienced planning & design.

Dependable and experienced general contractors also have access to the best construction trades in Edmonton. For example, Four Elements Construction has been working with some of their trades people and suppliers for more than two decades. We only work with those sub-trades who live up to our highest standards and expectations.

Aside from being experts in their trade, sub-trades also have access to wholesalers and can purchase materials in bulk. This can bring down your overall cost while still providing high-end materials for your project.

How can experienced contractors add value to your investment?
Edmonton General Contractors - 4Elements
Four Elements Partners – Peter Russell & Joseph Alves

Is the purpose of your renovation to make your home more appealing to future buyers? Experienced general contractors have the knowledge to make sure your plan is both functionally and aesthetically desirable for home buyers. A good home renovation that takes all the elements that people look for into consideration including layout, storage, access, etc., will make your home competitive, increasing your chances at selling at a higher price and with less time on the market.

An experienced contractor will be able to work with you to achieve your renovation or infill goals and ensure that nothing is missed or sacrificed. 

Find inspiration for your next infill home or major home remodel by viewing Four Elements Construction’s portfolio. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.  

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