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Create more space in your home with some smart home renovations. Here are four ways to open
things up functionally, aesthetically, and without having to consider buying something bigger.

Option 1: Remodel Your Basement
Create more space - Basement renovation

Unfinished basements or “cramped” finished basement designs are a great opportunity to nearly double your useable space! Basements allow for a lot of functional space flexibility. Simple improvements like reducing the footprint of your basement laundry room (stacked washer & dryer and space optimization) or consolidating storage space, can provide more options for an improved basement area.

Options include a second family room, additional bedrooms, an extra bathroom, a hobby room or studio. A basement renovation is one of the easiest ways to provide increased functional space in your home.

Option 2: Create An Outdoor Living Space

Another option is to use some of your backyard space to create an outdoor living space. Options include a deck addition with comfortable deck furniture, a trellis or awning cover, a built in fire pit, and so much more. Or you can extend your house with a three-season sunroom full of light and peace of mind.

Creative outdoor spaces provide a new place in your home for entertaining, dining or simply rejuvenating yourself at the beginning or end of your day. Also, consider these ideas for outdoor rooms.  If you have the yard space, this is an option that can make your home more open and functional.

Option 3: Renovate for an Open Concept Living Space

Older homes are often very “barriered” with walls that separate kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms. These older layouts can make homes feel small and cramped. An experienced contractor can help design an open concept layout for these older homes. They will be able to assess the structure of the home and determine which walls can be removed or if any load-bearing walls need to be replaced with support beams.

An open concept layout can significantly impact the size and use of your spaces, making it more flexible, functional, and livable.

Option 4: Install Custom Closets or Garage Storage Solutions

There are many creative ways to rethink storage spaces for homes that reduce clutter and support a more open and functional living space. These can range from custom closets or cupboards in unused areas of your home like under the stairs, or new closets that take up a minimal footprint. Closet organizers are a great way to create new storage opportunities in existing closets. Also consider your garage space as an opportunity to add hanging shelves or a loft storage area. There are many more options that an experienced contractor can help discover!

Four Elements Can Help

Four Elements has the experience and knowledge to help you uncover ways to add functional space to your home.

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